The Bounty Of Bethlehem 28th Christmas Day Dinner!

On Christmas Day, 2010, 1131 meals and 115 toys were delivered to the homebound, and more than 800 meals were served in the dining hall, in spite of the snow!

Bounty banner over N. Main St.

Just what IS The Bounty Of Bethlehem, and what is it all about? The Bounty Of Bethlehem dinner on Christmas Day is more than just a meal. It is a time to share the spirit of caring and giving. Beginning in 1983, and for the past 27 years, Bounty has grown to provide Christmas dinner, entertainment, gifts, and a visit from Santa to everyone who comes to the Immaculata School gym on Christmas day. Distributed amongst the guests at the dining room, delivered meals to the homebound, take-home meals, and feeding the volunteers, Bounty serves approximately three thousand meals.

Where do all the food and toys come from? Everything comes from donations. Generosity shows in many forms. Some donate turkeys, hams, or desserts. Businesses and individuals write checks. Any needed items not donated, are purchased with the monetary donations received. After all needed supplies are in hand, hundreds of volunteers show up to deck the hall, snap the beans, roast the turkeys, bake the hams, cook real mashed potatoes, slice the pies, and do whatever else is needed to make the Christmas day dinner a success.

Do you mean to say that people donate their OWN TIME on Christmas day and give it to Bounty? That's exactly right. It is very rewarding. You really feel that you have the spirit by sharing it. The best way to share it is to give the one thing we all have a limited supply of... time. People who have set aside more material traditions, to help with the Bounty dinner, find it so rewarding that they return year after year. This is a "small-town" style of event where everyone pitches in, not only to get the work done, but for good fellowship as well.

So, who is invited to this Christmas dinner? Is it only for the poor and the homeless? Everybody is invited! If you are a resident of Henderson County, or are visiting someone who lives in Henderson County, you are invited. It makes no difference whether you drive a luxury car or a compact economy, live in a mansion, or stay at a shelter. Everyone is welcome. There is absolutely NO charge, and donations will never be solicited. However, if you feel like donating, all contributions will be graciously accepted. As one of our chairwomen said, "Bounty is a miraculous gift from Hendersonville to Hendersonville. It's our town's way of saying, "There is room at the inn."

"There is room at the inn."
"There is room at the inn."

Okay, so how can I get involved? Every year, some 600 volunteers are needed over a five-day period to make the dinner happen. There is a job for anyone who would like to get involved: setting tables, delivering meals, or cleaning up after the dinner is over. If you would like to experience the rewards of giving something really special, you can call our volunteer telephone number (which will be activated shortly before Thanksgiving) at 693-5115, and leave a message in one of the mailboxes. You may also attend our volunteer sign-up meeting at the Immaculata School gym. More details about it will be published in the local media, or you may visit our Schedule page.

Fantastic! Where is this wonderful dinner? It is held at Immaculata School, every Christmas Day. Dinner is served between the hours of 1 - 5 pm. Immaculata School is at 711 N. Buncombe Street. It's right on the corner of Buncombe St. & 6th Ave. W in Hendersonville. For those who have GPS capabilities, the coordinates for the parking lot are N35 19.155 W082 27.836 We hope to see you there either as a volunteer, or as a diner!


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